Monday, March 22, 2010

Getting Away With It

A man who the Family Court believed usually after their own expert reports, was fit to be a custodial father terrorized the children's maternal grandmother when the children didn't want to leave. He ran his car against the grandmother which pinned her against the fence, despite her granddaughter yelling out, "Daddy is trying to kill my grandmother, somebody please help her!".
The Ipswich district court sympathized with his defense barrister whom told the court that his emotions, "were running high that day". He has received a $5000 fine(bribe?) with no conviction recorded. Read the report here.

Meanwhile, Phil Cleary who wrote about cases where husbands got away with murder including his sister, was fined $600,000 for defamation by a defense lawyer. The Court staged a jury of six women to appear as though they are not against his stance on stopping violence against women. It could be argued and established that the barrister in fact defamed Mr Clearly by portraying him as an angry man. Read more from Phil Clearys website here.

The case itself is an outrage along with the outrages that continue to perpetuate the Australian law society. Mr Hore-Lacy, is a Senior council which puts the case very much out of proportion and potentially a perversion on the course of justice. There are no boundaries between Australian lawyers and judges as they party, eat and socialize together.

Particularly in Victoria, the judiciary is a male dominated culture with 78% of the bar consisting of men. Whilst men are encouraged to respect equality in the workplace, especially where it is dominated by one gender, women are subservient to men in the legal realm appear 13% of the time. Read more about women in Australian law here.
It is therefore no wonder Mr Cleary's case was so easily seen as defamation and crimes against women and children are treated so lightly.

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  1. Violence by men against women is not taken seriously. It seems that anyone attempting to make it a real concern is retaliated against as a whistleblower. Australia should be ashamed.