Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Secrecy Law Scandal Part 2: The John Aster Files

In part one of the Secrecy Law Scandal, we revealed that John Aster had written publicly, "they had not found child porn in 9 years". We asked a question as to why such a statement would be made. In the chat box below, John Aster reveals how he was not only charged for child sex abuse images, but how the court allowed him to enter a plea bargain where he received no jail time:

Mr Aster has connected himself with Safer Family Law Campaigners and Mens Groups . He has started a few face-book groups designed to attract parents from both groups and offers to assist members often asking for court documents and copies of evidence from court cases. Evidential photos of child abuse often contain graphic images that may be misused by Mr Aster. After some parents received this information upon his disclosure and began to alert other parents, he proceeded to launched a disinformation campaign where he attacked the members of Mako for their campaigns in requesting the media releases on child predators:

Despite pleading guilty for having over 1500 images of child sexual abuse, John Aster not only has access to a child through the family court, but is able to effectively manipulate the community into believing he never participated in such an act. That he is a father that is, "falsely accused". The charge he refers to is on or about 2000. Last year an offence that matched his age, location and amount of images recovered was reported.

Australia currently has no public register of sex offenders, but many public campaigns to help the, "falsely accused". The closest thing to a sex offender register is mako and only cases that are leaked to the public make it into the registry. As demonstrated in, "Where do all of the perpetrators go?", Australia's sex offenders receive an average of 4-8 years jail time and their identities are protected. After that, they are released back into the community where they are most likely to re-offend.

Not only does the secrecy provisions of the Family Law Act protect the decisions of the court from public scrutiny combined with a closed sex offender registry, Australia has become a playground for sex offenders and a prison for children. It is therefore no wonder the laws we have today reflect the wishes of abusers.

There are 3000 children in the Australian sex industry(source).
700 paedophiles in Australia were identified(source).
Few sexual abuse cases make it to court, 95% of cases reported are not prosecuted(source).
Even fewer cases are acknowledged as a risk in the Family Court.



  2. I know who john is....and want no affilation with him no more..sadly there are many in the PA groups on FB.who are GUILTY!

  3. feel free to contact me..we need to talk...asap..

  4. PLEASE ADMIN to this page contact me...THANKS

  5. It is true john aster is a predator and a pedophile, he cannot ask any police to do anything as he is guilty.

    1. This is disgusting bringing this kind off thing on here,cant you sort this out away from info for the public?2018 and still John Aster is banging on bout this attempting to assist help and support people but this is disgusting.....wake up to yourself John Aster

  6. Or for the shortened version, you may like to review this:
    The fact that this guy has been collating all of those screenshots speaks for itself. As for cyberstalking, well there is more evidence that supports John Aster as the true culprit. For instance, after the launch of this video, this occurred:

    Then there is the obssessive navigation of this site:

  7. This is the facebook page I have constructed to help people make up their own mind about John Aster, and tell their stories of how this predator has stalked them, without his constant abuse.


  9. John Aster outed by Queensland police for downloading child porn.

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