Sunday, September 12, 2010

What About Melinda Stratton's side of the Story?

The news articles are flying in supporting a potential sexual abuser and claiming that Melinda Stratton is mentally ill. Mental illness is the only pathetic explanation as to why a business women would run away from everything that is familiar to her and Andrew. If there was a criminal background, it would be featured, but no Melinda Stratton has nothing but the opinion of a court ordered psych.

Ken Thompson has certainly been around pushing his views to all that challenge until most people just give in and say, "Oh...Um...yes, shes crazy and your not an abuser".
Note the word most. The exclusion is the community of REAL mothers and children who have been through this and know what Melinda has gone through. Lets face it, experts get paid for their opinion at the end of the day and I am sure some are willing to alter some to get a nice big payout at the end of the day. I place my bets on experience.

In Australia, we now have grown up children who have been forced by court order to stay with an abusive parent. No law is going to stop them from speaking out in the end as Australian jurisdiction only reaches so far.

How to break the silence...
We now have wikileaks, where you can submit your evidence anonymously and there is nothing that the family court can do. They would have to prove you submitted it, to warrant any court cases. Julian Assange might have been through his own battles as a father, but it doesn't make him a misogynist. he was on the run himself as a child from a psychopathic dad which neutralizes his view to warranting the need for protecting children.
Lets face it, the press is restricted to speaking for the court, not the children and sooner or later - its all going to come out. If you are considering submitting your evidence of abuse or murder in relation to the Family Court, read the instructions on how to submit anonymously and watch this video:


  1. If this father truly loved his kid, then he will need to understand the lifelong impact on the child by removing him from the mother and also indirectly abusing the mother. He should develop a slow relationship, ditch family court processes. The mother was obviously very frightened of what she saw in family courts as many parents are where abusers are handed young children..We are watching.

  2. This is why your site/cause is a complete failure. In fact most of the 'mothers' who post this rightwing drivel are in fact parental alienators and therefore child abusers themselves. No one takes your vitriol serious other then like minded individuals or those who need a good laugh. Good luck haha

  3. Actually, Arun this site has attracted a great deal of traffic. The fact that you felt it was important enough to attack, makes a statement in itself.

  4. hmmm.......i am recognizing something, ....

  5. Melinda and many other parents using a Sydney (Australia) contact centre will not be able to see their beloved children over Christmas 2011. In Melinda’s case, the centre is closed for so long that she will not be seeing Andrew for over two weeks. He, poor child, is in the custody of his father because Family Court judges want to penalize her instead of doing what Australians would normally expect, ie scrutinizing and assessing her evidence fairly. Don’t judges care at all about the welfare of the children they are often forcing to be with parents who have maltreated them? Seems like in the Australian Family Court they don’t.

  6. Its a very dark regime when children are punished for speaking out against child abuse. May the truth shine through and all those who took part be punished for their crimes against children.

  7. Andrew Th. is not allowed to see his loving mother Melinda Stratton for a total of 10 years. But why? It was not her who committed the abuse he suffered till she rescued him at the age of 4.
    Perhaps Andrew is like the poor boy whose story appeared online today:

    Horribly awful.

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  9. Andrew turns 14 tomorrow! Happy birthday, should you happen to notice this! I remember you from 2009 in Europe.