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Joining The Dots

Patrick wrote about the links between the blackshirts and SPCA, but there is even more than meets the eye. The Shared Parenting Council are linked to many organisations. Some reputable and others on the fringe of extremism, a precursor to terror.
A team of liberal backbenchers were reportedly linked to the Shared Parenting Council and the mens rights agency in changing the family law. The Shared parenting council is connected to quite a number of organizations. We have tried to contact the author of this blog to obtain the original email, but have not received a response, so the source is from this blog:

This is an email from the secretary of The Shared Parenting Council of Australia:

Simon <>
To: Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia <>
Cc:; Lone Fathers Association Australia <>; Fatherhood Foundation <>;; Senator Steve Fielding <>; "" <>; James Johnson <>; John Hirst <>; John Stapleton <>; James Adams <>; Matt Norman <>; "Bawden, Matilda" <>; "" <>; Richard Hillman Foundation Inc <>; Traks <>; Yuri Joakimidis <>; norsaint publishing <>; "Nowell, Laurie" <>; Phil Noonan <>; ian kay <>
Sent: Sunday, 3 May, 2009 12:34:17 PM
Subject: [fathers4equality] Re: Press release

Good to see this initiative in response to what is clearly a crisis for children and their fathers in this country.
Shared parenting after separation / divorce is being attacked on the basis that its unsafe for women and children.
These people - the industry - are making a national call for children to be denied there fathers if they are being accused of "Family Violence" (in all its forms) regardless of whether or not it can even be proved. I thought everybody knew that allegations of DV were standard procedure in the great majority of Custody hearing before the Family Court. The lawyers have been telling us this for years.
I've been saying for some time that we need public forums - public meetings that give the media access to the truth of whats going on. Looks like we've been beaten to the line, by organisations that can so easily engineer publicity and media support.
However, our advantage is truth - very powerful but it needs to be exposed. We need public meetings with speakers URGENTLY
The media needs access to the truth of whats going on - at present they have next to no access to the truth, mainly because they rely on the press releases they get from vested interest (including "experts) in the industry and are no longer paid to do 'investigative journalism'.
Simon Hunt
2009/5/3 Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia<secretariat@ au>

The SPCA is planning a series of press release about the deteriorating position we find ourselves in with respect to Domestic Violence and any watering down of the current FLAct.

Have you a statement or have any of your groups statements we can quote in relation to the following news items

http://www.familyla wwebguide. pg/news/view/ 636/index. php&filter=

In the published guide there is no mention of how they court is to deal with unproven allegations or in other words “false allegations”

http://www.familyla wwebguide. pg/news/view/ 635/index. php&filter=1


http://www.familyla wwebguide. pg/news/view/ 631/index. php&filter=1


The Chief Justice comments today

It clearly reveals that the shared parenting is a major representative of fathers and against protecting children from child abuse. The Richard Hillman Foundation is also listed in this email. On the Richard Hillman Foundations Submission is John Abbott of the Black shirts as author of the document. The Shared Parenting Council is also affiliated on their website with the Lone Fathers Association. Here is a little history on the Lone Fathers:

Lone Fathers channelled its resources into
supporting a 40-year-old Brisbane man, Keith Shew,
who took the Brisbane Domestic Violence Resource
Centre (DVRC) to the HREOC, alleging the centre had
discriminated against him after his wife had beaten him
with a vacuum cleaner.
Shew, who arrived at a Brisbane court seeking a
restraining order against his wife, was denied access
last year to a safe room occupied by women seeking
restraining orders—one of whom was Mrs Shew—
by DVRC staff suspicious of his motives. "Mr Shew
was not allowed into the safe room because his wife
was sheltering from him inside", explained the centre's
chair, Betty Taylor.

In January, HREOC dismissed Shew's charges.
Shew and Lone Fathers were incensed. Shew blitzed
radio, TV and the newspapers, threatening to take his
case to the United Nations. "I feel someone has to make
a stand and tell government that men are the silent
victims of domestic violence", Shew declared outside
the commission in January.
Shew and Lone Fathers' ardour was somewhat
dampened when an investigative journalist from
Brisbane's Courier-Mail unearthed police records
which revealed that Shew had a long criminal record,
including eight convictions for assault, receiving stolen
goods and weapons offences."

The lone fathers is also on record for this,
"In 1997, when a mother was granted leave to move
from Queensland to Victoria with her daughters, the
Lone Fathers Association spokesperson responded by
. . . violence would result, and judges would have
blood on their hands."
When the Lone Fathers Association was appointed as a mens health ambassador, there was a public outrage:
Williams goes to extremes in his advocacy for male victims of domestic violence. In 2006, he was a co-signatory of a response to “the anti-male UN report on ‘Violence against women’”, which argued that reporting of domestic violence was biased against men, including several claims that women are greater perpetrators of domestic violence than men"
The Shared Parenting Council of Australia is on the lobbyist register holding Geoffrey Green as director. Geoffrey Green has an interesting history. In 2007, he was investigated by the AFP for misuse of electoral funds. Apparently he received his marching orders in 2008.

Geoffrey Greene is not the only MP that was involved in the Shared Parenting Council of Australia and its affiliates. Ann Bressington was a member of the Festival of Light(page 3) an affiliate of the Shared Parenting Council and a branch of the Australian Christian Lobby. Despite Ann Bressigton making claims that she is no longer part of that movement, the Shared Parenting Council of Australia continues to post her campaign materials. Her Facebook profile contains an overwhelming amount of "friends" that are also members of mens groups and her rhetoric on child protection is no different to the rhetoric used to champion the shared parenting laws that harmed children in the first place.

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