Thursday, March 18, 2010

Child Abuse: Does Australia Really Take it Seriously?

The submissions for the shared parenting bill had many from mens groups that even doubled up in some cases, but also from child advocacy groups, womens groups that were rightfully concerned about the proposed changes.
The rates for child abuse in the past five years has tripled coinciding with the year Shared Parenting was introduced in Australia.
Five years on and children are in crisis. Over 15,000 Australian children are ordered contact where there is exposure to violence. With the recent hearing where a child was ordered contact with a registered sex offender, it is an outrage that the attorney general has decided not to change the laws. Just today, Australia's worst sex offender was reported to be on the run for the second time. The carelessness of security however was a tip of the iceberg. Raymond Warford was sentenced 2.5 years in 1994 for both child abduction and abuse. He was then released and abused again. The next sentence was for 18 months. It was then revealed that he had attacked a three year old boy twice of which he was sentenced for 5 years.

Is it speculative to conclude that Australian key stakeholders such as the judiciary, lawmakers and politicians don't care at all about children?

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