Sunday, April 25, 2010

Peace For Women and Children

So much has been written about what women and children don't want. The purposes of this article is to write about what we do want. Peace sometimes can be confused with passiveness. That is not real peace. Real peace is without oppression, hate and violence. If peace were an ideal, the declaration of human rights would not have been realised. It would have gone down in history as a collective"pipe dream". Awards for the nobel peace prize would never have been given. It is a reality that everyday, there are people working towards bringing out true peace to all people.

When we ask the courts to protect our children and ourselves from violence, we are asking for peace. Restraining orders are there for that purpose. Unfortunately, Family Court orders have overridden these orders and disturbed our journey for peace. The type of peace that the Family Court has asked of us is false. It is oppressive, hateful and violent towards us and our children. Living under these circumstances is intolerable and wrong. Our human rights are in most cases severely violated. Despite the great harm, no women and child on this earth has engaged in violent protest to stop it. This is because we believe in true peace. Some of us have taken the peaceful way out and left countries to find peace. We have in turn been hunted down as though we are some wild animal that threatens society with our freedom. This is not the case. It is a clear delusion that mothers who run with their children for these purposes are somehow an adversary to societies peace. There are at present few legal remedies to this situation that are not further detrimental to our cause. There is no justification that could disassemble our cause of peace, it is therefore rightful that leaders take up the opportunity to properly understand and implement a remedy.
Let mothers and children find peace where ever they may travel.


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  2. I knew there were other women with children who were going through what I went through, but for 5 years I've been lost. I've asked, I've pleaded, I've been called crazy, but the man I was married to, my torturer, stoled my children when I tried to leave and save my four babies. I died that day.

    Today, March 8th, 2011, my youngest baby turned 7. I haven't seen, heard,felt,or touched these beautiful beings who made my life real, who depended on me for safety and sanity since June 6, 2006.

    6/6/06 the day a really great mommy died. Four children's lives were irrevocably harmed. But today, the day I finally found sisters who know exactly what I am talking about and been going through, Today I woke up from death. Now the journey back begins. And I am no longer alone.

  3. The issue? The indifferent and oblivious attitude about insidious treatment towards our co-existors, neighbors, even our own children, and thus ourselves. The mockery made of true child welfare, child rights and advocacy, reform, parenting and mothering made by the "well meaning" courts. The suppression and concealment of this truthful fact: human nature's oxymoronic behavior of slaughtering it's own creation. To kill hope and call it socialization, to destroy dreams behind a curtain called "civilization". To impose one’s own size and strength (rape) against naive and newborn creatures (infants) forcing conformity and extinction of individualism and spiritualism and call that "love & protection"? In the perverted treachery that replaces what was meant to be "the respected institutions to uphold the law", or the distorted rhetoric defined as "the law".

    Do you not remember that you were also once a child? Born of a mother who would have died for you? You think this is a paroxysm? This is my sleeping reaction of your pandemonium. Be watchful for when I wake, the angels are with me.

    Hear this mother's cry: "You will not chare the souls I birthed into this world, not while I breathe." --- Jaecynda