Friday, February 19, 2010

Tony Abbott: The Marriage Mafia

The polls have gone up in support of Tony Abbott, a sign of a troubled country. If the Australian Labour Party was not so diluted on the shared parenting laws, Labour would be taking the lead far away from Abbott. So what are Tony Abbotts plans?
Tony Abbott wants to:
  1. Make Divorce hard
  2. Choose who gets married
  3. Chastise Women
  4. Stop Abortions
In general, Tony Abbott is referred to as a conservative. In reality, what he intends on imposing is authoritarian. Australian human rights will be at an all time low.
Some of the other atrocities Mr Abbott plans are:
  1. Death Penalty
  2. Runaway Greenhouse effect
  3. Create more Slush Funds
Steven Fielding
Stephen fielding doesn't believe that everyone has the right to be married as basic human rights are set out. He believes that only heterosexual couples should be married. He has even compared gay marriage to incest. In case there are complaints, he is also one of the key ministers that has actively supported internet censorship. Senator Fielding was also a supporter of the shared parenting bill which resulted in thousands of children being exposed to family violence which was ordered by the Australian Family courts giving victims little escape. As for children of todays families having a future at all, Stephen fielding is also a climate change denier.
One shared parenting recipient used it to throw his daughter off the west gate bridge. Attempts to censor this case was foiled as worldwide coverage exposed tot he public that children were being forced by the courts into violent and dangerous situations.


  1. I fervently hope that Australians recognize the serious dangers in voting for any platform like that. How many women voters are there-compared to men ?????

  2. The women and mothers of Australia would all have to pack up and leave the country if pro patriarchs like these are elected. Surely there is only a minority that believe it's ok for the man to be head of the family, for the father to physically, mentally and financially abuse his family, for men to be treated better than women and for men to have their way with the women and children of this country?