Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Shared Parenting Council is bias

Although news coverage on family law is relatively low, but mostly in the favour of fathers. The Shared Parenting Council of Australia claims to represent fathers and mothers. Pay attention to some details and this organisation represents fathers:

    Michael Green QC

    Vice President (1)
    Barry Williams
    [Lone Fathers Association Australia]

    Vice President(2)
    Coral Slattery
    [Family Law Reform Association NSW]

    Vice President (3)
    Greg cairns (Retired)

    Vice President (4)
    Terry Bowker
    [Reliable Parent's Inc]

    Executive Secretary
    Wayne Butler
    Mobile: 0411 850 677

    Federal Director
    Edward Dabrowski
    Mobile: 0409 917 345

    State Director (QLD)
    Peter Marsh

    State Director (NSW)
    Tevor Bock

    State Director (VIC)
    Lindsay Jackel

    State Director (SA)

    State Director (WA)
    Joan Hopkins
    Telephone: 08 9474 9552

    State Director (TAS)

    Territory Director (ACT)
    Jim Carter
    [Lone Fathers Association Australia]

    Territory Director (NT)

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