Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hinch Kicks Mum of Three Sleeping In Car

When mother of three, Michelle reached out to the media, Darren Hinch decided to take the redneck angle on things...
Michelle and her three children were forced to sleep in their family car after their home was "declared unsafe". A working mother of three went to friends homes to clean and prepare her children for school every morning so that she could maintain adequate care. She had made over 40 applications for housing to find herself being knocked back and further rejected when she informed them of her situation. Hinch living in his luxurious home filled with collectibles, claims that Michelles plight was a scam, because the court ordered a shared parenting arrangement.
On a radio interview, Cameron the father is allowed to speak of the mother in derogatory terms, whilst promoting his case to gain full custody. He offers his home to have the children full time until Michelle can get back on her feet knowing that this would increase her chances of losing more time with the children.

The father claims that this is the first he knew of the children being in the car, yet he informed Derryn that he had just had them in his home last week. Clearly, given the children's ages that the children would have informed him of their situation. The only reason why children at this age would withhold such information is if they were afraid of him or what he might do. Research on a large portion of family court cases revealed that most fathers who pursue custody through the court usually possess intimate partner violence tendencies. Michell's father informed Hinch that Cameron had forced her and the children out of the home by demanding that the children have their own room each. This means that she must look for a 4 bedroom property in Dandenong, Melbourne. According to, there are no homes available for that price:

No Exact Matches Found: Results for

properties for rent with 4+ bedrooms less than $300 per week in Dandenong, VIC 3175

Michelles father also informed hinch that the children do not want to reside with the father for reasons raised within the case. Whilst he did inform the grandfather that he was restricted by section 121 of the Family Law act where the details of the proceedings were not to be discussed.
Yet, Hinch claims that because Michelle refrained from breaking the Family Law Act by informing the public that the shared parenting orders had restricted her and the children from living in the home and reported that it was deemed "unsafe to live in" which is a safe interpretation that the children were required by order to have separate rooms.

There of course is always more to the story where there are Family Court orders. The public humiliation of this mother as a "scammer" for not breaking the order, was appalling even for Hinch and his listeners standards. At the end of the day, Michelle is robbed of a home to provide in the children whilst the draconian Family court made orders tailored for men to resemble the divorce proceedings over 100 years ago where children and women remain the property of men.

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