Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Truth About Runaway Mothers

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  1. I'm a runaway mother who got caught. My 13 year old son was returned to NZ against his will 3 days ago. I left after redundancy in NZ and court ordered 3 years of shared care hell. The Australian court appointed councillor deemed my son had no opinion of his own, I was lacking in child focus, my abusive ex was the picture of perfect fatherhood. The whole system is looney, I don't expect to see my son again until he is 16 unless I take him again which if he remains determined that he does not want live with his immature father I intend to do and be jailed for contempt of Court. I now consider this action to be one where I would consider myself a political prisoner and may go on a hunger strike. I am sick of being treated like I am a toxic mother, I'm sick of the lies and the feeling that I ended up being nothing more than an incubator for a male abuser, I'm sick of the injustice done to myself and my only child. I haven't been able to work properly for years because of the emotional stress of Family Court decisions and judgements, have moved so many times in a futile struggle to have a roof over our heads, vilified and marginalised.