Saturday, May 1, 2010

Japan and why they wont sign the hague convention

Gerald Nissenbaum, a family lawer and a columnist from the bosten herald stated:

 Japanese divorce laws almost always award the kids to the mother unless she’s proven unfit. Japan also hasn’t adopted the applicable Hague Convention.

Japan is one of the few countries left on earth that honours mothers and truly appreciate the unique gift of what motherhood can provide for children.  With children as men's property back in fashion, the world has embraced a disturbing trend.  Embedded within the Japanese culture are some of the most humanistic religions that do not force one to consider religious teachings without first questioning logic.  

Japan has a great history of quickly embracing western ways, but not without careful consideration.  Japan has promised to review whether it will sign the treaty, but aimed to investigate it properly first.  Something, other governments have failed to do and have unnecessarily reacted upon pressure of angry men's groups.  

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