Thursday, April 1, 2010

Divorced Mother Speaks out

With the reforms in the Family Court that just keep getting worst, it is no wonder mothers do not have a leg to stand on when they try to leave a marriage and protect the children. Its easy for someone to say, "Well why didn't you just leave?", but enduring it is another situation. Women are well aware of the systematic place they have been discarded to in society when leaving a marriage. They know they will be criticized, blamed and even accused of false allegations. In this case, it wasn't until someone died that Garry Francis was stopped. For over a decade, Christine had tried to seek help from hospitals, police and doctors to no avail. It is not known whether or not there she tried to seek help from family law proceedings as section 121 would have stopped her from being able to disclose that.

Former wife of Garry Francis Newman speaks out

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The face of a killer
The man who murdered teenager Carly Ryan can be named and identified. Garry Francis Newman was today...
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Carly Ryan's killer unmasked

THE former wife of the man who murdered Carly Ryan has spoken about the decade of abuse she suffered at his hands. See the video.

FOR 10 years "Christine" struggled to survive a brutal marriage to a man who was determined to break her.

The smallest indiscretion would be met with rage-fuelled bashings.

One night he sexually assaulted her when she was 15 minutes late from work.

He banned her from getting a driver's licence and kept money from her so she could not escape. When she refused to keep working at a strip club, she claims he used his fists and boots to force her back to work.

And, she says, he tried to rape their daughter when she was just 13.

Fifteen years after leaving him, Christine, not her real name, has done a great deal to put the pain behind her. On Wednesday, however, it came rushing back when her daughter rang with the news that her former husband, Garry Francis Newman, was the man convicted of killing Adelaide schoolgirl Carly Ryan.

"All of these years I have been waiting for something like this to happen," she told The Advertiser yesterday as Newman started the first day of a life sentence. "I hope he gets everything he deserves in jail.

"I am worried about how many girls he has done this to."

Now in her late-40s and living in suburban Melbourne, Christine says the system failed every woman who came into Newman's path, right up to 14-year-old Carly.

To Sonya Ryan, Carly's mother, Christine said: "I'm so sorry, no mother should have to go through this and I wish I could have stopped it."

For a decade, from 1986, Christine said Newman's true nature was ignored by his family, police, doctors and hospital staff.

In a darkened room Christine spoke of the sheer terror she was subjected to by a monster who had charmed her into marriage.

On one occasion she wanted to go shopping with a female friend.

When she told Newman she was going out, he grabbed her, beat her and dragged her into the bedroom. He sat on her and punched her until she was barely conscious.

She had crawled to the front door when Newman's mother arrived and rang for a doctor.

Her daughter, who Newman once plied with alcohol and tried to rape rang Christine on Wednesday, almost hysterical. "I couldn't make sense of her," Christine said. "Finally, she said, `Have you seen the news? He killed Carly'."

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