Monday, March 29, 2010

Shared Parenting: Isn't it a little dumb?

A hilarious, but provocative article was written about Australian Family Law reform. As they say, "All truth is made in jest". Its called, "Law Reform By The Frozen Chook", a title that surrounds Barry Williams of the Lone Fathers Association who claims that his wife hit him with a frozen chook. It is important to note that in the same breadth Mr William supported homicides committed by men. It highlights how the family law reforms have been made to accommodate myths that have no research to support them. In fact there is no link between the family court and absent fathers unless he has tried to kill the mother or the kid and even in those circumstances, they might get no over-nights or supervised access. To this day, these groups still attribute family violence to not having "shared parenting".

There are no real laws to protect children and parents from family violence in the family law act, but there are punishments for not being able to substantiate the abuse to the judges requirements of course. Considering the "Pub Law" article, it is sobering to learn that the shared parenting bill was established on the foundation of beer absorbed brain cells. It is after all puzzling to contemplate that if the mother does not do everything the ex wants, she is not complying to shared responsibility and must be punished by relinquishment of the time she spends with the children regardless of the quality of the care she may provide.

Now this doesn't sound like sharing at all. It sounds like the ownership of women and children even after the relinquishment of divorce. If it was truly about shared parenting then, both genders would be held accountable for their "shared responsibility" and if a parent was violent, then they are clearly not being a responsible parent and thus such "rights" do need to be relinquished.
But somehow those beer absorbed brain cells decided that even if they don't get the 3 when they try and add 1+1, they believe that if they continue to add it, they will eventually get that answer and every time they get 2 on the calculator, its a "sign" that they are close to finding 3.

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