Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pedophile Haven or Family Court?, have done Australians proud for revealing this to the media. The family Court laws prevent disclosure of the abuse against children, but this journalist was courageous enough to reveal the true status of children under these orders.
Outside of the Family Court, a child care center manager would be jailed for negligence if they provided anywhere similar to the dodgy family court operations that continue to promote abuse and suppress the outcries.

Girls ordered to spend weekends with sex offender father

  • Judge says girls need protection at night
  • Eldest is afraid to stay overnight at father's
  • Man was convicted of child porn offences

A COURT has ordered two young girls to spend weekends with their sex offender father provided he puts a door on their bedroom they can lock.

Judge Robert Benjamin, in the Family Court's Hobart branch, ruled that the girls "need some protection from (their father), particularly at night".

However, the risk of sexual abuse was "diminished when they are awake and alert".

Judge Benjamin said that the father, who was convicted of downloading child pornography, must have an "adult friend" stay with him when the girls stayed overnight.

He added that until the youngest turned 14, the girls must "share the same room so they can have the mutual support of one another".

A Family Court counsellor said that the girls, aged ten and eight, "are at an age and maturity when awake, dressed and together it would be unlikely the father would act inappropriately toward them".

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